Becoming fluent in Cued American English as well as any other cued language involves a lot of daily practice and attention to accuracy and speed. Explore the resources we have available for improving your cueing fluency.

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Stages and Phases in Developing Expressive Cueing Fluency
Stages of Fluency  Click here to download the Stages of Fluency developed by the Cued Speech Office at Gallaudet University and updated by the National Cued Speech Association. Phases of Learning to Cue  Click here to download the Phases of Learning to Cue developed by the Cued Speech Office at Gallaudet University and updated by the National Cued Speech Association . 
CS100 - Introduction to Cued American English
Cue College’s first online course provides an overview of the Cued Speech system and includes all the hand shapes and hand placements associated with each phoneme, or speech sound, of spoken English. CS 100 takes you through the foundations and mechanics of Cued Speech, with examples of different words cued at each hand placement with each hand shape. Along with an introduction lesson, there are fourteen lessons that cover the phonemes corresponding with each hand shape and hand placement. Each of those lessons include videos that you can watch while practicing your cueing. You will be able to save your progress and return at another time to complete the course.
Want to improve your cueing? Stay tuned for more information on additional courses and programs, including tutoring and evaluation services. Credit goes to Individuals with Disabilities Research and Training, Inc. (IDRT) and the National Cued Speech Association for providing the rights to the contents of “I Cue U Cue” (2006), a cd-rom for learning Cued Speech developed by IDRT.
DailyCues -
DailyCues provides features and resources to help people improve their expressive fluency as well as expand their understand of Cued Speech and cued languages. DailyCues’ features includes: – a dictionary with preferred settings for phonetic spelling and cue notation as well as videos (not every word has a video) – iQpedia, a community wiki for Cued Speech – a word list generator to help you practice cueing with specific hand shapes and placements or specific word types – quizzes and games designed to test your knowledge about cue notation, expressive cueing, and transliteration With a registered account, users can use DailyCues’ features free of charge. Visit DailyCues today! Note: you will be leaving the Cue College website.

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