CS100: Introduction to Cued American English - Self-Study

CS100: Introduction to Cued American English

Get started right away with CS100 – Introduction to Cued American English – Self-Study.  CS100 is comprised of 5 modules, including a comprehensive introduction, followed by 14 lessons that cover all of the handshapes and hand placements of Cued American English, as well as basic rules, or “Cue Tips”, which govern use of the system.  Students are provided with plenty of opportunities to memorize and practice the system:  In total, students have access to over 900 videos demonstrating how to cue a wide range of phonemes (sounds), syllables, words, and phrases.  This guided practice enables students to memorize the entire system, fine-tune their form, and develop a good beginning level of fluency.  Get started today! It generally takes 15-25 hours to initially complete the course, but a full year of access is included with purchase.

CS101: Introduction to Cued American English - Instructor-Led Course

CS101: Introduction to Cued American English

Learn to cue in four weeks with the guidance of a Certified Instructor.  CS101 is built on the same curriculum as CS100, but includes four weekly 1.5 hour Zoom sessions with an NCSA (National Cue Speech Association) Certified Instructor.  You will progress through roughly 1/4 of the course material each week, following a special “Timed Agenda,” and will meet online with your instructor once per week for 4 weeks to review what you’ve learned, receive personalized feedback and instruction, and answer any questions you might have about the Cued Speech system.  The course includes 3 Quizzes and a Course Evaluation, which must all be completed satisfactorily in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Class size is limited to 6 students — and multiple offerings of the course will be scheduled in order to match demand.  At time of purchase, you will be asked to choose a specific offering.  Each of the 4 weekly sessions will be recorded and may be downloaded and watched if you miss a session.

This course is now offered with 1.1 ASHA CEUs!  View and/or download our CS101 flyer, at right, for more details.

SLP100: Using Cued Speech in Speech-Language Therapy

SLP100 A Self Study Course Logo

SLP 100 describes how speech-language pathologists and other professionals can use Cued Speech to address a variety of speech, language, and literacy goals for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, as well as for other populations. Each module includes activities for practice and application.

The course is composed of six video course modules. Each video is approximately 15 minutes in length, and ends with a practice/application activity that requires 15 minutes to complete. Total time of videos and related activities: 180 minutes.  Module Topics: Course Introduction and Overview, Introduction to Cued Speech, Articulation and Phonology, Comparing Cueing Systems, Cues to Phonemic Awareness, Cueing and Language Development

Get started today! Your enrollment in SLP100 entitles you to also attend an interactive Zoom session with the instructor of the course, Dr. Cathy Rasmussen, CCC-SLP during office hours for the period of time during your enrolled offering.

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