CS100: Introduction to Cued American English - Self-Study

CS100: Introduction to Cued American English

Get started right away with CS100 – Introduction to Cued American English – Self-Study.  CS100 is comprised of 5 modules, including a comprehensive introduction, followed by 14 lessons that cover all of the handshapes and hand placements of Cued American English, as well as basic rules, or “Cue Tips”, which govern use of the system.  Students are provided with plenty of opportunities to memorize and practice the system:  In total, students have access to over 900 videos demonstrating how to cue a wide range of phonemes (sounds), syllables, words, and phrases.  This guided practice enables students to memorize the entire system, fine-tune their form, and develop a good beginning level of fluency.  Get started today! It generally takes 15-25 hours to initially complete the course, but a full year of access is included with purchase.

CS101: Introduction to Cued American English - Instructor-Led Course

CS101: Introduction to Cued American English

Learn to cue in a 5-week course with a certified instructor.  CS101 is built on the same curriculum as CS100, but includes 2 online meetings per week with the instructor, video-based assignments, practice labs, and additional practice materials.

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Cue Tutor

Cue Tutor: One on One Sessions

Cue Tutor connects individuals with certified instructors of Cued Speech through Zoom video teleconference software to work on expressive and receptive cueing skills.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to choose your tutor and book appointments more easily! Certified Instructors – Click here to Learn More about Paid Opportunities.

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