How should one communicate with and educate a deaf child? Families and professionals feel that they must make a choice between signing, cueing or relying only on technology, listening and spoken language. The answer is to do what is best for the child — to do everything you can that will help the child succeed and be happy.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Cued Speech

What is Cued Speech?
How hard is it to learn Cued Speech?
If I use Cued Speech, am I limited in using other communication modes or technology to help my child?
How might you use Cued Speech if you are a deaf parent where ASL is the primary language of the home?
How might you use Cued Speech if you are a hearing parent where English or another spoken language is the primary language of the home? And what about ASL if you are a hearing parent?
What if I plan to use all of the latest technology with my infant or young child and want them to use that technology as effectively as possible?
If I use Cued Speech and/or ASL with my child, what about when they are out in the hearing world where most people don't know how to sign or cue? Will they be able to communicate with others in the hearing world?

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