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The following descriptions are provided as a way to enable you to decide if you would like to pursue contracting with Cue College to provide instructional services to our clients using our Cue College platform.  Once you have reviewed this information, please fill out and submit your application here if you are interested in becoming a Cue College Cue Tutor and/or an Instructor for CS101, our new instructor-led version of our CS100 – Introduction to Cued American English self-study course.

Cue College Cue Tutor platform features include:

  • Profile building and maintenance tools that enable Tutors to define their competencies and tutoring preferences;
  • Automated Tutor selection system whereby customers can browse Tutor profiles and select one or more Tutors with whom to book sessions;
  • Automated scheduling and booking system whereby Tutors can set up and maintain their own schedules — and customers can book and pay for sessions with ease;
  • A variety of Client Service Tools, including:
    • Student goal and progress monitoring system, whereby a permanent record is created for each student at time of first booking and can be used by: 
      • Students to communicate session goals at time of booking or anytime thereafter, and 
      • Tutor(s) to check off skills accomplished or enter freeform feedback
    • Shared folder of Cue Tutor / Instructor resources in Google Drive, including
      • Screening and evaluation tools
      • Learning and practice materials
      • Timed Agenda for teaching “CS101 Instructor-led” or tutoring clients who want to be guided through the “CS100 Self-study” course
  • A Zoom login for each Cue Tutor’s use in conducting tutoring or CS101 instructor-led sessions.

Generally speaking, our Tutors and Instructors will operate within the Cue College platform and have access to shared tools and resources that will ensure that, working together, we provide the highest quality services to customers of Cue College.  We do realize that each of you comes ready to contribute a wealth of training, experience and resources of your own, as well, and we appreciate and count on that — and believe we will all benefit from working together as a team to serve those who need our services.

Cue College Cue Tutors will:

  • Be engaged as independent contractors, paid at an agreed-upon hourly rate (currently $50/hour) for hours provided to Cue College™ customers;
  • Assist Cue College administrators in building and maintaining a personalized Cue Tutor profile that will be displayed on our website and used by our customers in selecting a Tutor that best fits the customers’ specific needs;
  • Participate in Zoom “onboarding” sessions with a Cue College Cue Tutor platform expert to familiarize Tutor with all necessary components of the Cue Tutor system; 
  • Meet with customers online, using Cue College’s Zoom account and:
    • Provide initial screening to determine each customer’s skill level and needs;
    • Guide each customer in developing cueing skills and improving fluency, in accordance with customer’s stated goals, using Cue College’s Cue Tutor tools and resources, as appropriate; 
    • Provide clients with session feedback with Cue College’s easy-to-use progress monitoring system;
    • Record and upload Zoom tutoring sessions for customers’ future use;
  • Invoice Cue College on a periodic basis for actual tutoring sessions booked by and provided to our Cue Tutor customers.

In addition to the above, those who choose to be CS101 Instructors will:

  • Work with Cue College administrators to determine availability for teaching what will be 4 consecutive weekly 1.5-hour Zoom sessions to guide from 1-6 students through scheduled offerings of CS101 Instructor-led;
  • Participate in onboarding sessions with Cue College platform expert, to be held on Zoom, to familiarize Instructor with:
    • Content of Cue College’s CS101 – Introduction to Cued American English instructor-led course;
    • Timed agenda for teaching CS101 over a 4-week period, including structure and content of the four weekly 1.5 hour Zoom meetings [Note:  Since this is an ASHA-approved course, we have committed to ASHA to follow this agenda and cover the indicated topics in the indicated timeframes.]; and
  • Fill out and turn in the required ASHA disclosure forms about financial and non-financial potential conflicts of interest, which is required of any instructor of an ASHA-approved course.

System Requirements for Providing Tutoring on Cue College ™

The following are the minimum requirements for technology needed to provide online Cue Tutoring services via the Cue College ™ online learning platform:

  1. Computer;
  2. Web Cam (we are happy to recommend one);
  3. High-speed internet connection (for live tutoring, a wired internet connection works best);
  4. Microphone and speakers (should be a headset with built-in microphone);
  5. We will provide you with the required subscriptions to any software applications you will need to use to be a Cue Tutor ™.

If you have any questions about the application process or becoming  a Cue College Cue TutorTM   or Instructor, please feel free to reach out to us at

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