CS101 – Introduction to Cued American English (Instructor-Led) September OFFERING


ENROLL BELOW FOR THE September 2024 OFFERING!  Dates/Times: Tuesdays 7PM – 8:30PM Eastern Time; September 3RD, 10TH, 17TH & 24TH 2024

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CS101 includes:

  • Access to the entire CS100 – Intro to Cued American English self-study online curriculum for a full year;
  • Four instructor-led Zoom sessions guiding you through the entire course over a period of 4 weeks, with a combination of presentations, guided practice, and time for questions;
  • Small class sizes, with maximum of 6 per class offering; and
  • Option to earn 1.1 ASHA CEUs, 19.5 IL EI credit hours or RID CEUs.

Your NCSA-Certified Instructor for this offering will be Sandy Mosetick.


Financial Disclosure: Sandy Mosetick will receive financial compensation as instructor of the course.

Nonfinancial Disclosure: Sandy Mosetick is the founder and board president of the Cue College not-for-profit corporation. She raised a child using Cued Speech.

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Student Information:

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Now Available with ASHA, RID CEUs, and IL EI credit hours!   Contact us to inquire about earning other types of CEUs. 

CS101 – Participants will learn in 4 weeks, via 14 online, self-study lessons and 4 instructor-led meetings, what Cued Speech is and how to cue the 40 sounds/phonemes of American English — and any words comprised of those sounds — using a simple system of consonant handshapes and vowel placements.  Participants will learn to cue consonant-vowel syllables, in conjunction with the natural mouth movements of speech, to make all of the sounds of spoken language visually distinct.

CS101 incorporates our CS100 online, self-study curriculum which teaches the entire Cued Speech system and provides you with a plethora of video clips demonstrating how to cue each of the 40 phonemes of American English, in addition to hundreds of additional practice words and phrases.   In order to learn to cue accurately and with proper form, we suggest that you complete every practice activity and watch each video demonstration at least twice.  Three quizzes are included, as well, to check your understanding of the system.

CS101 differs from CS100 in that you will be guided through the entire course over a period of 4 weeks by an NCSA-Certified Instructor of Cued Speech.  Maximum class size will be 6.  Online classes will be conducted once per week for 1.5 hours each, in Zoom, and will meet in accordance with a specified schedule, as indicated in the short description of the course, above.   If you should miss one of your 4 instructor-led sessions, you will be provided with the link each week to download and watch the recording of that week’s session.  You are also welcome at any time to visit the Cue College website and purchase one or more private Cue Tutor sessions if you would prefer a live, interactive make-up session.

Upon registering for CS101, you will receive a Welcome email with instructions on how to print your “Student Timed Agenda,” which will indicate what preparation you should complete prior to attending each of the weekly classes and what topics will be covered in class each week by the instructor.   You will also be provided with the link you will use to join each of your 4 instructor-led Zoom sessions.  For purposes of ongoing review, practice, and fluency development, you will retain access to the entire course for a year from date of purchase.

In each of your 4 Zoom sessions, the instructor will:  review the content covered in each of the pre-assigned self-study lessons; provide opportunities for guided cueing practice, where you will receive individualized feedback on your accuracy and form; and answer any questions that you might have.

If you need or want a Cue College Certificate of Completion for CS101 (a prerequisite for receiving ASHA CEUs, RID CEUs, IL EI or other offered professional development hours), and if you expect to learn to cue by the end of the course, you must view all pages of the course, complete all practice activities (including viewing practice videos a minimum of 2 times each), complete all 3 quizzes with a score of 80% or better, and complete the final Course Evaluation.  [Note:  You may repeat the quizzes as many times as necessary in order to achieve the required 80% score.]

If you have signed up for the course with the expectation of earning ASHA CEUs, RID CEUs or IL EI credit hours, kindly complete the provided form located in your “Welcome” Letter at the bottom ***CEUs (Continuing Education Units)*** 

More Details:

Target Audience
Anyone, regardless of background knowledge of or experience with hearing loss, who wants to learn Cued Speech for professional or personal use.
Course Objectives
  1.  At the end of this 4-week course, participants will be able to:
    1. Describe the system of Cued Speech for American English, including:
      • The 8 consonant handshapes, 4 vowel placements, and the phonemes that correspond to each;
      • General rules for cueing handshapes at placements in conjunction with the natural mouth movements of spoken English; and 
      • The finite set of guidelines (called “Cue Tips” in the course) that complete the system and enable cueing the entire phoneme stream of English in a way that accurately conveys the intended message at normal conversational speed.  
    2. Cue words and short phrases, representing the entire spectrum of phonemes that comprise the spoken American English language, with accuracy and clarity, without regard for speed. 
    3. Cue with correct form and posture and in synchronization with corresponding mouth movements when cueing words and short phrases.
    4. Describe the stages of fluency development, strategies for fluency development, and free resources that are available for practicing cueing and increasing fluency.
Zoom real-time captioning of online sessions will be provided.  If you need additional accommodations, please email info@cuecollege.org at least 5 business days before the scheduled start date of the course.
Course Structure
  • Each offering of CS101 will be conducted over a period of 4 weeks (longer, if required due to intervening holiday), where the specific dates and times of your sessions will be as indicated in the Short Description of the course provided above.
  • You will be given access to the course at the time you register and may start your self-study journey at any time prior to the start of the first instructor-led session.  You will continue to have access to the course for an entire year from the time you purchased the course so that you may continue to review and practice what you learned in this course.
  • Each offering of CS101 includes 4 weekly Zoom sessions of 1.5 hours each, conducted by an NCSA-Certified Instructor of Cued Speech, including a presentation on course content assigned for the week, a generous amount of time for guided cueing practice, and time for any remaining questions.
  • At the time of purchase of CS101, you will receive a confirmation email with an attached “Student Timed Agenda” and it is recommended that you complete the indicated preparation before each scheduled Zoom class in order to benefit the most from the online sessions.
  • You will be asked to take 3 quizzes at the appropriate points in the course to check your knowledge of the Cued Speech system, including checks of your ability to describe how a wide variety of words would be cued by matching each with its respective correct Cue Notation.
  • You will receive a Cue College Certificate of Completion for CS101 within a short time after the conclusion of the 4-week course offering period, as long as you have met all of the criteria explained in the Course Description section above. 
Instructor Bio
Sandy Mosetick is an NCSA (National Cued Speech Association) Certified Instructor of Cued Speech. Sandy has been an NCSA-certified instructor of Cued Speech since 2000. She has presented at many professional conferences over the years on a wide range of topics especially focused on best practices for use of Cued Speech in the home with children from infancy through adulthood. Sandy is the founder and board president of Cue College. She also has the unique experience of raising a deaf child with English (made accessible with Cued Speech) as her first language – and with ASL, Spanish, and Hebrew as additional languages acquired over time.


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