Cue with Me in Every Season!


Cue with Me in Every Season! offers you the opportunity to purchase all four Cue with Me! children’s activity kits (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) for the price of three! These colorful and enticing kits include games galore and amazing activities to engage all types of learners in developing skills in Cued American English.

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Sold By: NCSA - National Cued Speech Association


Cue throughout the year using all four “Cue with Me!” children’s activity kits. Inside each kit you will find familiar games with a cueing twist such as Cue Fish, Memory, Dominoes, I Spy, Cue Moo!, and Bloomin’ Cues. These games will keep your family practicing cueing in a fun and entertaining way for hours. Learn about and practice onomatopoeia, homophones, rhyming, and other phonemic awareness skills with a variety of language-based activities and worksheets. Increase language and cueing skills by playing with the fun manipulatives like the fall beads, colorful dice, and farm animals. Build your own snow pals with a multitude of pom-poms, wooden carrot noses, and chenille stems. Over 160 flashcards introduce and reinforce seasonal vocabulary. Instructions are included to guide you in the use of all the components for language-building activities and games.

New to cueing and need guidance? The reference materials will assist you in making strides in understanding the cueing skills you have learned online or in class. Post the cueing charts around the home or classroom to remind everyone of the handshapes, placements, and movements of cueing. Family members, classmates, neighbors, and cue clubs will enjoy learning how to cue using these fun materials!