Cue with Me in the Spring!


Cue with Me in the Spring! is an exciting way to get children, family members, classmates, neighbors, and cue clubs practicing cueing skills. The kit contains over 40 flashcards, Cue Moo! (a board game of animal sounds), 12 colorful farm animals, Bloomin’ Cues worksheet of flower names, a curated book list, and reference materials.

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Sold By: NCSA - National Cued Speech Association


Cue with Me in the Spring! contains over 40 flashcards, a board game of animal sounds (Cue Moo!), Bloomin’ Cues worksheets, a curated book list full of onomatopoeia, 12 colorful farm animals, and reference materials. Vibrant illustrations of cuers will help everyone learn how to cue new vocabulary and reinforce both receptive and expressive cueing. Cue Moo! reinforces the names of a variety of noisy animals and the sounds they make. Parents will find the book list full of playful language relating to everyday sounds. What does Be Bop sound like? What happens when a rooster says moo in the barn yard? Can you find the correct sequence of cues for each of the 18 flowers in Bloomin’ Cues? Don’t worry if you are new to cueing, an answer key is provided to help you figure it out.

The kit includes instructions for use of all the components as well as lots of suggestions for language building activities and games. New to cueing and need guidance? The reference materials will assist you in making strides in understanding the cueing skills you have learned online or in class. Family members, classmates, neighbors, and cue clubs will enjoy learning how to cue using these engaging materials!