“New” Phoneme Flashcards


New to cueing? Want help remembering how to cue each vowel and consonant phoneme? These colorful cards show the phonemes used in Cued American English being cued, along with a handy guide for pronunciation and common spellings.

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Download these cards (four 4.25”x5.5” per 8.5”x11” sheet) and print them out to use as flashcards to practice identifying how to cue each phoneme or to play a matching game to help match a phoneme with its cue. One side shows a colorful character cueing the phoneme, the other shows the phonemic spelling (/fuh nee mi k s pe li ng/), IPA (/aɪ pi eɪ/), or dictionary markings (/dĭ k shĭ ně rē/) of the phoneme along with common ways the phoneme is spelled. Choose which phonemic representation you want to have most prominent on the card or buy all three versions for use with different individuals. These flashcards are great for children and adults learning how to cue, and are a perfect companion to the colorful Cues of American English poster.