“New” ABC Flashcards


These simple uppercase and lowercase alphabet flashcards with large, clear letters on one side and a cueing character on the other are a great way to learn how to cue the names of letters. Buy your digital download today!

Sold By: NCSA - National Cued Speech Association
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Download these cards (four 4.25”x5.5” per 8.5”x11” sheet) and print them out to use as a matching game (uppercase to lower case or letter to letter name being cued by a colorful character), or for practice identifying letters and cueing letter names. Three sets are available using different pronunciation guides: phonemic spelling (/fuh nee mi k s pe li ng/), IPA (/aɪ pi eɪ/), or dictionary markings (/dĭ k shĭ ně rē/). Choose the one you like best or buy all three. Each set contains two versions of the cueing character (one with a neutral smile and one with an approximate mouth shape to aid in decoding the cueing character).