Cue with Me in the Summer!


“Cue with Me in the Summer!” is a fun and engaging way to get family and friends cueing over the summer holidays. The kit includes 40 flashcards, knock-knock jokes, 20 colorful dice with instructions for a variety of games, Cue “Q” Homophone Dominoes, fun worksheets, a suggested book list of titles full of silly words and homophones, plus helpful reference materials including guides for cueing numbers and vocabulary used in the dice games.

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Sold By: NCSA - National Cued Speech Association


Fill your summer with engaging activities while you and your family and friends increase your cueing skills with this fun-filled activity kit. Colorful cueing characters will show you how to cue myriad seasonal vocabulary words and homophones. The dice games will help you and your family practice cueing numbers, time, and lots of math concepts. Knock-knock jokes will keep you laughing all summer. Snuggle up and read a suggested book and experience the humor of nonsense words and rhyming that are easily expressed in Cued American English. The reference materials provide reminders for new adult cuers, explain Phonemic Spelling, and show common spelling of phonemes in English.

The kit includes instructions for use of all the components as well as lots of suggestions for language building activities and games. New to cueing and need guidance? The reference materials will assist you in making strides in understanding the cueing skills you have learned online or in class. Family members, classmates, neighbors, and cue clubs will enjoy learning how to cue using these engaging materials!