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Are you a Certified Instructor of Cued Speech or a Certified Cued Language Transliterator — and interested in joining the Cue College Team? Cue College is looking for instructors for our new Cue TutorTM program. Tutors will use online scheduling and video-conferencing software to schedule and host interactive tutoring sessions with customers seeking individualized support with cueing skills, form, and fluency. Fill out the Cue Tutor Application (left) to provide us with information on your qualifications, areas of special interest and expertise, and a general estimate of your availability on a weekly basis. Email the completed form to You may print and scan the completed form if you are unable to fill out the PDF electronically. If you have any questions about the application process or the Cue TutorTM program in general, please feel free to reach out to us at

Cue TutorTM Job Description
Tutors will…

  • Create and maintain, with Cue College Admin assistance, a Cue Tutor Profile for themselves on the Cue College website. Profiles will be made available to Cue Tutor customers or “Students”, who will use them to select and book sessions with individual Tutors.
  • Use the Cue College website built-in Scheduling and Booking Application to create and maintain a schedule of their availability for booking appointments with Students.
  • Conduct scheduled Cue Tutor sessions (30 minutes each) with Students using Zoom video-conferencing software. Cue College will provide Tutors with Zoom user logins, as well as training and ongoing support for use of Zoom. Zoom sessions will be recorded and made available to Students to download for future use.
  • Customize tutoring sessions to the needs of Students, focusing on cueing skills, cueing form, and fluency development, as appropriate.
  • Work as contractors for AGBMS-AEHI (Cue College is a program of AGBMS-AEHI) — and be paid at an agreed-upon hourly rate.


Applications are considered for all positions without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, or veteran status, or in the presence of of a non-related medical condition or disability.

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