Choices in Deafness: A Parent’s Guide to Communication Options


CHOICES IN DEAFNESS, since 1987 the preeminent guide to communication options, is now extensively revised and expanded to provide the complete scope of information parents of children with deafness or hearing loss need. From assessment and diagnosis to medical/audiological treatments, and from the latest types of cochlear implants and procedures to education and technology devices, this new edition presents a balance of research, guidance, and insight from experts and families.

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This popular book has 31 personal stories. 7 chapters related to medical issues. technology and life stages. and an audio CD that simulates auditory neuropathy and 8 levels of hearing loss. Personal stories illustrate 5 communication options: auditory-oral. auditory-verbal. ASL-English. Cued Speech. and total communication. Schwartz. ed. 385 pp. softcover. audio CD included!

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